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Friday, August 17, 2012

Remodeled Entry Way

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Finally done(sort of)! Done enough for pics anyway! I still need to measure, Home Depot, attach and paint a small trim around the ceiling/wall where the old owner's left it an odd gap?! I, also still need to update the white paint everywhere you see white and paint all the fixtures(by hand)with the metallic color I got. I know I've been at this for so many months it'll be 8 years before I get all my other projects done, like this one MY Stairs to Upstairs, at this rate. The fibromyalgia slows me down and my hubster doesn't do this type of stuff. I've mentioned that before, it is not his hobby it's mine! In his opinion, you hang a few pictures and wah la the house is perfect! I'm not so easy to please. Well, anyway without further a do or delay: Sound the horns!


My Favorite Idea! Mod Podge and scrapbooking paper. Spruces up old cover's without buying new ones and makes them unique!
Please ignore odd white translucent bubbles floating around they are aura's(I guess) or I needed to spit clean my camera lens!
Black Paint Tile Floor and 3/4 of Trim.
Installed new door stop(Tiny white dot on black trim).

Martha Stewart Rejuvenation(green on door) and Tahini(on walls because I liked the name).

Shelf from a Yard Sale. Hubster participated by hanging this shelf! I am not snarking on him I swear!!

Alco Nebraska pick - Mirror with pineapples carved in black .

Went with natural fiber and color door mat from Walmart to pop on the black floor and pull the color of shelf and light shade together. I, also have a plan for bamboo blinds in living room once windows are replaced.

Walmart Bell Shaped Lamp Shade in Natural Color and Black Trim. Take Note of Gap at Ceiling Trim! Bleek!

See Lamp Shade Color and Style=Love!

Squeal! Doesn't it look fabulous so far? 

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