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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Confrontation in Relationships

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So, yesterday's message at church was: You need to go to your Samaria and talk to your Samaritan. Who is this person that is your Samaritan? You know who yours is and I think you all know who mine is! Is it comfortable? No, but do it anyway! WWJD=What would Jesus do? That was the other part of the message.

Today, I'm driving home from taking Madeleine to school and I flip the station to Moody Radio 103.3 Cleveland, right, and the message is on Relationships: How to confront! Rebuke + Repent = Forgiveness. Amazing message! And, why didn't I learn this sooner in life?! It doesn't always happen this way or smoothly but the speaker also said what to do. Step.by.Step.

1) Go alone to rebuke a person that has sinned against you. Personal confrontation.
2)Take 1 or 2 close friends as witnesses, if #1 doesn't work.
3) Church helps in some way by going to the person, if #2 doesn't work.

Tip: Always go in meekness! No, I did not say weakness! I said meekness; also, known as gentleness. Confrontation should be done in a positive light, not negative. Meekness is not weak! It takes great strength and courage to confront someone when they have sinned against you.

Who do you rebuke? Someone who has sinned against you. Not just simply irritated you. But really sinned against you. Lied, cheated, stolen, these are examples of sinned against you.

If they do not repent to you, what then?

4) The most powerful step if they do not repent to you is to treat them as a heathen, a tax collector! Does this mean convict them? No. Does this mean you have nothing to do with them? Do you turn your back on them? No! It means pray for them and continue to reach out to them to show them the way.

This does not mean you wash their sin against you under the table like it was no big deal. You do not treat them as one of your brother and sisters in worship but you do not stop going to them waiting for them to repent.

Loved this part of the message: Be thankful you are not in their shoes! It is very uncomfortable when someone rebukes you.

To be cont...

Tip came from Livestrong.com! Here's the link: http://www.livestrong.com/article/276068-which-foods-help-treat-depression/

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