" The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself."

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Few Days Later...

Tip: Stay in, when heat index is 112F!

July 4th- After stepping outside briefly, I quickly realized it was not a good idea to be outside for any of us! So, I decided to break all traditions and find something cheap indoors to do. We went to our local mall, which had been abandoned by most folks wanting to suffer in the heat for the sake of tradition! My own husband complained a few times that we should be outdoors having a cook out! The food could have cooked itself on the cement in the driveway! Bleek:-o

I took lots of pics, found a cute bathing suit to sport on my 30lb lighter bod (which still needs a bit of work but who cares) and ate at Eat n' Park. Now, if that's not American tradition I don't know what is!! I had some great pics but after one of my wonderful children played on my phone I can't find them! Bummed but life goes on! That's what I get for procrastinating;-P

It's now the 8th and I have been busy and tired when I'm not busy! We went to church today for the first time in a while (afraid too long)! We have found our church family! We met this women, that I might have mentioned in a previous post, at Joann Fabrics a few weeks back and talked to for an hour about Reiki. She invited us and I got up this morning determined to get there. My mom and I went to "investigate"! It was small and a bit outdated but the people were so friendly! It is ironic that the first trip to a new church in all our moves they have had communion and fellowship afterword. God does know what we need! This church does Reiki exchanges and they want to start a Reiki Team! I believe I have found my calling!

Then, I came home and motivated my wonderful hubster to put the yard toys in the yard and out of my dining room! Yay! I can't wait to put the table back up! We, also, cleaned out the garage and made me a corner to work in instead of being all over the place. I can't wait to get out there with spare time! I went yard sale"ing" on Friday and Saturday and spent too much! I found a whole box of vintage fabric for $1! The box is so big it would hold all my kids in it. I found 2 old laundry washing boards, 2 old suit cases, 1 old trunk, and a few odds and ends! But the most coveted pieces are 20 old wooden Hamilton print trays and cheap! I have most of my paintings all planned out already. The fella that sold them to me said if I want more he has 500 and will sell them at the same price:-)

In a nutshell, I believe I have found some of "who I am" recently and it feels good! I love the hunt, the find and the creating of art! I love Reiki and I love God! I guess I'm not doing so bad after all. The message was powerful today but I will talk about that later this week after I have ingested in it's entirety.


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