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Friday, August 3, 2012

DIYin' It

Collage: Relax during a renovation? This could be you!
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Yeah, Right! If only!

 Wow, what a busy full filling day! I was up early after an actual night of uninterrupted sleep. I had a hard time getting started but pushed (by the twins) I got moving. Blog, Coffee, removed nasty disintegrating carpet from stairs, delegated the sweeping and mopping of them:-), sanded a few with new electric sander, made round 2 of home made laundry detergent, crocheted a lot and fed and played with kids around all of that. Although in Isabelle's opinion not enough, as she stood at the gate saying, "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy..." and you get the picture! I feel tired and accomplished. Oh and I got a hard nap in for an hour!

I'm afraid of how I'll feel for the next few (2 weeks) days after all that but someone has to do it! This is not really my hubster's idea of fun, which is why I'm doing the renovating of the house. Although, he will help when asked I know he would rather not and that's okay because he does so much else around here. He takes the kids to school and therapies, washes the laundry, and makes muffins on Sunday. All the while trying to work from home (may not be the best idea), it's hard to get things done with us around demanding his time.

So, I made the second round of home made laundry detergent from this post, http://dazedandcreative.blogspot.com/2012/07/home-made-laundry-detergent.html. Although I swore I would not let it boil this time, I failed terribly! It was going well. I had a plan. Then Abi was thirsty. Then Izzy and Bud were too! And, BOIL! I rush to turn the heat down and stir. Then I start crocheting and....BOIL! Seriously, well maybe next time I will NOT boil it! Who knows what the end result is supposed to be; mine is not as thick looking as the tutorial I used but the clothes come clean.

Some pics from today's hard work:
Nasty Carpet we've been walking on!
Black stuff is the 40 year old glue!

Here in Cleveland, no place to build but up!

Close up of glue after scrapping!
Same stair after sanding!

Space before the first step, glue still there, hrrumph!

I need some Home Depot help! Anyone out there know how to get rid of that glue? Please ask your hubby's or someone and let me know!


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