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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Crochet Tutorial

So, as I said in an earlier post I have joined the band wagon at church and will be making prayer shawls in bulk. Well it's been a while since I crocheted and I haven't learned to knit. My momma taught me when I was 8. I started a baby afghan when I was preggos with Maddie but never finished it. I need to say I hate the way the yarn feels on my hands if they are sweaty! Yep, it's a sensory issue. I have a few of them but who doesn't! Yarn has a unique quality about it that simply causes my hands to sweat. So, I do not like to crochet. So, why am I gonna crochet?

No one got up and went back to the yarn boxes after church. I felt compelled to. When I opened those boxes I gasped at the glory inside. the pure beauty of color and texture. unbelievable. I came home with 2 bags full and began almost immediately. But first, yarn in hand, crochet needle in hand, I couldn't remember how to start because I had always let my mom do that for me. What now, it's midnight and she's asleep. Um, google...start a crochet chain? You Tube you are magnificent! I have taken my own pics here to document and show you how to make a chain, which is the first step in crocheting.

I have 2 crochet projects started. Yep, I'm always working on 10 things at once. I get bored and restless easily. 1 project also uses the same muscles repeatedly, causing me pain. So, I mix it up. The one thing about this yarn is that there were no 2 a like and most were small skeins. They were all different kinds of whacky made yarn made by hand mostly and very eclectic! I had no clue what I would do with them. I matched them up and decided which one would go first, etc. I began and have went through so many emotions. Emotions triggered by crocheting? What?! The way they felt in my hands.soft. The way they felt in my hands as they came together. comforting. secure. They came together wacky and I had a lot of self-doubt but convinced myself to keep going. I switched mediums (yarn textures), needle sizes, and tension. My momma was wowed, I think. Are they gonna be prayers shawls that sit in your lap...well? They are gonna be shawls for sure beyond that I do not know. I told my hubster I was listening to the yarn. It will shape it's self.

Beautiful, huh
Unheard of brand

Step 1 Make Loop

Step 2 Take the end on the right and put under(behind) circle.

Step 3 Using your finger pull that piece through to front making a small loop.

Step 4 Grab your needle and shove it in.
Step 5 Pull loop tight by pulling both strings
Step 6 Wrap left string behind and over needle.
Step 7 Pull it gently through first loop.

Step 8 Repeat steps 6 & 7 over and over again until you have desired length (which will actually be the width of your project.

After googling around the web I decided on a half circle lap shawl.
I will do a tutorial on it in a later post.

It's growing and I love the colors!

Oh how I wish it was for me or my shop!

A close up of the 2 mediums (yarns) used thus far.

The other one, which is also turning out unexpectedly amazing!

My new Who am I title: A Crocheter! I am in love with this art form. I can't wait to finish and brag, I mean show you! Take note how the half circle is not straight on the bottom...it angles down on both sides. It is not supposed to do that! It is caused by my tension! The tension in my yarn as I crochet it together is very tight in the beginning of both of these because I am TENSE! All the time, doing this is making me very aware of this state of being I am in. Which is a good thing because I am making a conscious effort to relax my yarn tension and my body and mind.


Thank you for reading my diary of a worm (me). I welcome comments! It's my only means of social interaction besides church here in my new homeland (Cleveland, Ohio).


  1. I marvel at your ability to create. I'm afraid I do not have such latent abilities (next to writing I suppose lol).

    I tagged you in my newest post on hope! I was thinking you could carry on this "Hope Relay Baton". Basically you write a post about hope and then pass the Baton on to some of your fav bloggers.


  2. Thanks you! My sister said the other day while looking at my creations, "i didn't know you could draw or paint". She's known me my whole life! You'd be amazed what can happen if you get some oil pastels and paper. They look like crayon but you blend them with your hand and finger's etc. Watch a tutorial on you tube and just try! You will at least have a sense of accomplishment for trying!

    What a great idea! Hope Relay Baton, Pass It On! I'm on board!! We should suggest each person tag who they got it from, so we can follow it!

    Thanks for mentioning me in your newest post! I haven't read anything today my kids have been stingy with the computer;-P