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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On the 12th Day of. . .

No not Christmas! My up and coming Spooktacular Craft Fair, that's what! happy freakin' dancing! I was selected to be 1 of 20 artists to be there as a vendor. Crap now what do I do? I didn't think I'd actually be selected! ha Create! Fast! I had ideas, obviously, when I submitted my application with photos of projects in the making but I am not like a lot of these other vendors. They have stores. real brick and mortar stores! Many have online stores which we all know I've been trying to get started but I keep getting busy with other things.  I have some things made that still need listed. It's so friggin hard to work from home with the wee tiddlers under foot.

It's also hard to work when I'm still battling mild depression! The ups and downs are disheartening but I will overcome! I had all these awesome "before I die" goals but now I have 1! Yep, it's to successfully prove to all myself that one can beat life long depression and become happy. How? That's the question!

When I figure it out I'll let you know! Stay tuned while I work my balls off getting ready for this fair! I'll post pics someday I pinky swear;)

The Halloween Elf

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