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Friday, October 5, 2012

Follow Up Friday

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Is that not a cool tat or what?! I could so want another one after seeing this or I could just paint or draw it and be done with the image! Either way I like it!

So, time to sum up this fast week. I've tried to write a couple of times and lacked the gumption! Not lacking in content though. I've read an article on octopuses and found it interesting that the female is like 10,000 times or something (memory fail here) larger than the male! WOW! It's like an elephant mating with a beetle. And, the females are mean and the men are submissive! Hmm, Something to chew on here! The men are so terrified, that to mate they just rip off their sperm arm and give it to the female! It gives the Lorena Bobbitt incident a whole new twist now doesn't it? Men rip off their own penises to recreate for fear of getting too close to large angry female mates. haha

I read an article about Stalker Sarah. She is sixteen and stalks celebrities. Won't that look impressive on her resume?! Skills: observant, resourceful, persistent, giving, accountable, eager, available and extremely assertive. Wow, I'd hire her! I think I may use it all on my next resume;) Somebody needs to ground that girl until she's at least 25! On the subject of stalkers, if you google creepy halloween quotes what comes up is stalker pick up lines?!! Creepy! I, also got to read about some creepy celeb stalker turned murderers and other strange murders like the Lobster Man. Whew, that's some crazy!

What was the reason of not writing all week? Depression. Why did I do all this research? Well, no I'm not planning on stalking anyone yet;) I have been doing research for the Cleveland Craft Coalition that I will be selling my wares at on October 20th in Lakewood, Ohio! Wahoo! That's right, my application and art work was accepted. Now, I have to get to work crafting or I won't have enough stuff to fill up that 6x4 table that will belong to me, Maddie's Treasure Shop.

A brief note on my private body issues...it seemed to clear its self up so I opted out of the ultrasound. Sure hope that decision doesn't backfire on me!

yours truly,

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