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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Take That Bullies!

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I put a call into the principal and waited for her to call back. When the phone rang, I said Please God help me quickly then answered. She said she was glad to see I had called and that two other mother's called to complain. She said, the children were already being questioned by her home liaisons. She wanted to talk to me first to get the whole picture of what actually occurred before dealing with the other mother's. I explained what went down and she thanked me for being honest and candid. She was very understanding and I think it helped that she already had started a "relationship" with Maddie and I earlier in the year during the IEP process. She confidently said not to worry she would talk to the other mom's and it would be fine. Whew! The End

New Psych eval revealed that my baby has so much going on it makes all our heads spin!! I know there is no way of knowing whether genetics will pass to your children or not but geez!! Autism Spectrum, anxiety/OCD, Hashimoto Disease and ADHD!! She meets all the criteria for ADHD. Actually, it is the dominant disorder. So, we will be increasing her prozac and in 4 weeks adding a new med that is for impulsivity. As much as medicine is not always the answer sometimes it is the only answer. I am not a mom that refuses proper diagnosis's. I am also not ignorant. I am well read and am familiar with many mental illnesses. My goal in life is to be a psychologist and someday I will be(when I'm 80).

So, it is time to buckle down the hatchet and become an over vigilant mama! I know, as if I'm not already but I guess I have to admit I have become a little complacent with Maddie as she gets older because I thought I could. I can't. She was so sad yesterday she jumped out of our dining room window(more than 6 feet). She got caught by her shoe which slowed the fall but still fell. She is not hurt but her spirit is. I can see the benefit of continuing Reiki/Cranio-Sacral Massage on her so I will keep it up daily. I am so incredibly thankful and grateful to God that he has kept her from getting hurt thus far and that I have the training to administer these hands-on-healing treatments. He knew when they were offered to me more than a decade ago in massage school that I would need them now for this purpose.

I am also eternally grateful to God for ironing out that school situation. He has given me such a great gift of likeness. People just like me. They meet me and they like me. My only "enemies" were my ex's ex's, funny wording! Ha He has given me the gift of talking and listening. No matter what is going on, I am able to present myself well if, I can step back take a deep breath before I reenter the situation. He has given me a passion so strong for wrong doing. I will stand up and defend you if necessary. Even if you've done me wrong, if I understand and can choose to forgive. I am a strong woman. I am a child advocate. I am a self advocate. I am an advocate of people and their rights.

My costume got done and mailed. I didn't want to run any later with it so there are no pics of Abi in it but there are pics. I will post them later. Off to make the best of this rainy day!

Grateful mom,

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