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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

God's Funny Bone or Not

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Maybe this is just another one of God's funny ways of helping us. When you pray sometimes the answer comes in unsuspecting ways. For example, I prayed for financial help. I would have preferred it to come in the form of my hubster getting a job. However, the school district would not place Madeleine in an autism school because she did not have a behavior problem. She was not disruptive to other children in anyway. Well, now they have a behavior problem in a big friggin' way!

Let me explain placement briefly because most already know that she does in fact go to the autism school. We as parents send her there for 28,000 per year. We get 20,000 from the state of Ohio because they set up the Ohio Scholarship Fund. However the last 8,000 plus incidentals and transportation is up to us the parents. Sounds reasonable, except we still do not have an income. If the school had seen behavior problems(because they do exist at home) that were disruptive to the school environment then they would have placed her and the school system would pay the entire bill and transport her. Thus reprieving us slightly from the burden of having a child with autism. We are not trying to shuck our financial duties for our child. Let me prove that!

We have 1000's of medical bills we are still paying on from when we lived in Fostoria and our insurance sucked. We had to buy groceries and medicines with credit cards. Which puts us in the upper amount of, we could have bought a vacation home but instead it's unpaid  survival to live debt, 10,000's. Trust me we are not trying to shuck our responsibilities. We are not careless folks who waste are money on materialistic things(although we'd love to have the opportunity).

So, after a huddle with the hubster we have decided to wait this thing out so to speak. That woman is not in charge of dictating where we should be this fine A.M. We choose not to go have a argument debate with her in the office first thing this morning. I will place a call to the principal later briefly explaining that the incident occurred, that our daughter felt threatened, and lashed out. What she did was wrong, she has apologized already. We plan on keeping her away from the school because we don't want her to feel vulnerable and scared again setting her up for possibly lashing out again.

Calm Mom

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