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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sum of a Week and Little Big's Birthday

Today is Little Big's 7th birthday! Wow! I can't believe how time flies! Literally just flies past me. I'm so totally oblivious to most going on around me. . .ok never mind. I don't know what my point is here:/ I posted a comment on Bearded Iris's website I am anxiously awaiting a response of any kind! My esteem lives and breathes on my idol bloggers getting back to me, so to speak.

In the mean time, the little big comes running out to the kitchen excitedly to tell me something huge. I stop working to listen anxiously anticipating her huge accomplishment and she tells me Grandma told her her butt was clean but she was sure she was wrong so she wiped it clean all by herself. And, she was right it wasn't clean. I'm not sure which part she is more excited about being right or cleaning the poo off her own booty:/ Hooray for me and her other caregivers we don't have to wipe her butt anymore and it only took 4 years to get her to clean it herself! 1 child down, 3 to go:/

Ok, it's Saturday morning and The Bearded Iris has had 2 days to respond to my post so either she didn't get it or she's choosing not to respond which would force me to picket her! I will ask if she got it because it was a hilarious comment and she is hilarious and usually responds! I also wrote a very controversial comment over at Jezebel which I will write a post of my own about. So, I am also waiting to see if she reacts responds back. Yes, I was trying to get a response but my comment was from the heart and honest. I was not trying in anyway shape or form to upset her. She is already upset. Go read the post she wrote by clicking on the word Jezebel above or here and you will understand what's going on.

This week I have prepared for a birthday party for little big and bought stuff to start halloween crafts and decorations. I still have a sinus infection and now I have crotch rott(rotten) from the antibiotics:/ Oh and I think the infection has taken up housing in my ear to boot. I've had to lock up all sharp objects and medicines in my house because of the bully! Big Big is still hurting herself but not as much. I think it's because I have her "attached" to my ass or her daddy's nonstop to keep an eye on her. I had a therapist tell me it's ok for me to be pissed that these kids bullied her and should be. Who knew? I should be pissed that the parents have raised kids that think it's ok to pick on other kids and lie. I mean come on people if I can admit when my kids are hurting your kids can I just get the same respect back??

Ok, whew, moving on! I had a decent therapy session on Friday and will finally sit down and write those letters to those people that hurt me in childhood starting with my neighbor. I didn't do much else this week except clean and talk a lot. I hope to have a more eventful week this coming week. I will work at that. My sister is coming this afternoon with her boyfriend and his 2 kids(I've never met) so I best get ready. And, now little twin is crying incessantly for me. Oh one last thing to report. . .I told little big that she is the best sister anyone could ever have because she needed to hear it! After telling the liaisons that her sister couldn't help it because she has autism and didn't know what to do in that awful situation. Yep, that's my girl and she is a great sister! She has got ur back!! That's what family is about: Standing up for each other in the face of controversy. 

ta ta for now,


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