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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Dropped Into My Life

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Yup, it's Sunday again and I am thrilled I remembered by accident to look over at Jana's Thinking Place and see what her prompt is for today. So for those of you just joining me for the first time, let me explain. Jana came up with this great Sunday idea to have those who want to participate write off of a writing prompt freely for 5 minutes no more and no editing and link up to her post. Last week there were 25 participants! 

So, today's prompt is to write about someone who has dropped into your life and made it better! Jeez I could write about a few individual people. Those of you that already know my life story are probably guessing who I'll write about but I'm going to surprise you all!

A couple months ago my mom and I were shopping and we met a woman that was asking for help matching material for a quilt. I think she was just looking for connection that day more than anything. She already knows how to match material for a quilt I am certain of that! She in the end gave us her phone number on a church bulletin where she attends. So, instead of writing about one particular individual I am going to write about an entire congregation of individuals that I now call my church family.

I have been to many church's in the past 10 years moving around with my husband. Different denomination's. And, no offence to past church's or the people I met there but I have never felt more at home than here in this little church in a different community than my own. My first impression was there aren't enough people in the congregation. The church is old, small and has no air conditioning! There aren't any kids! But by the end of the service combined with what the Reverend said to me on our way through the receiving line. I knew that I would be back. I joined a church for the first time on my own volition  because I knew God had that woman speak to me that day and had lead me there. He had lead me home.

Today, I mourn with them as if I have known them my entire life. They have lost their soon to be son-in-law in a tragic plane crash. Their daughter is grieving now instead of celebrating. They were to wed sometime this season. I cannot fathom the loss but when I saw them for the first time since they had received their sad news I again knew I was in the right place at the right time. I love these folks and I know that they love me. So with a heavy but happy heart I ask that we all lift my new family up in prayer and give them strength to get through this difficult time.


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