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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh My GAWD Moment! (or Not For The Faint Of Heart Post)

Come onnnn...ur killin' me here! Pu..lease join, sign up do something, do anything?! Marse self-esteem is at stake here:/

Ok, so the garage sale went bust for this week! I got woke up to the sound of men talking and hammers?! Guess I should have checked with the neighbors first:/ Apparently they have invited the entire Amish village to work on their house and there is no room on the street to park around all the horses and buggies! jk I should tell them to bring their wives tomorrow to shop! Anyhoo, they are roofing and I don't want to wear a hard hat all day so I canceled postponed to some future date when I have ants in my pants energy. I do most everything based on spontaneity. It's just they way I roll!

So let's get to the Oh My GAWD Moment, the hubster and I were carrying everything out to the garage and my younger big decides to nose around the stuff we are carrying out:/ She hands me a gift bag and says mommy this looks like a big person's ooey gooey thingy! And I say, "Oh my Gawd!" Really hubster, Really! How many times did I ask you to throw that out?! Apparently do to shame and embarrassment he decided to not throw out the porn movie that sucked because he thought someone minght dig through our trash and find it?! Yes, hun, it was so much better for our 6 year old to find it!!! Ahhhhh...gahhhh I am truly ashamed! And, she may be scarred for the rest of her childhood! or at least until she forgets! Why did we have it? Yeah, that would be tmi!!

Ok, so moving on to different business. We rented Journey 2: Mysterious Island tonight. Good, sweet and funny. I cleaned all day..the house had become quite the disaster zone while I was attending my program. Oh, good news. Although I canceled my sale I still managed to rake in $75! I was texted and sold a few things in spite. Awesome! So, I'm going to be cleaning more tomorrow. Sewing that costume and planning Abigail's Princess Birthday Tea Party:) I should probably sew together her dress too, even though it was for Halloween. Only two weeks til party time, I got this! Yeah, I'm a Hot Super Mom!

ta ta for now,

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