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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Health Overhaul

Tip of the day: Put 'ur big girl panties on and yank 'em up!

Nothing like a sh**load of medical diagnosis's to get you to do a 190! Yesterday's diagnosis's make a total of 7 just since we moved at Christmas! Yep, that's just less than 9 months.  Abigail and I are tied 3 for 3 but it ain't nothin' to brag about! Let's make a list:

Momma: Fibromyalgia (age 27), Structural Scoliosis(age 38), Restless Leg Syndrome(age 38), Migraines (age 13), Ortho-Static Hypotension (pass out; age 36), Hypoglycemia (age 14),  High Cholesterol (this year), Low Vitamin D (this year) , Hypothyroid (age 36), Chronic Depression (age 16), Anxiety (age 16), Chronic Constipation (age 5)

Dadda: High Cholesterol (age 47), Hypothyroid (age47)

Madeleine: Autism Spectrum Disorder (age 8), Hashimoto Disease (Thyroid; this year), Encopresis (age 6; pooping pants), Enuresis (Age 6; daytime wetting), Chronic Constipation (2 weeks old), Anxiety (this year)

Abigail: Fructose Intolerance (this year; age 6), High Cholesterol (yesterday), Low Vitamin D (yesterday)

Twins: Sensory Integration Issues (last year) and hopefully nothing else!

Look back up there! Can you friggin' believe my 6 yr old has High Cholesterol! What the heck! How did this happen?? Too many chicken's? I mean really that's all she consumes that has cholesterol in it, except milk! The culprit...MILK from the store! Whole milk that is strongly recommended to you until they are 2 years of age. Probably not the best idea for kids that are at risk because of genetics. 

Instead of the nutrition guidelines being based on broad generalizations and applied to the entire human race. Genetics (high cholesterol on both sides, obviously) needs to be taken into consideration. Then, parents lifestyle (sedentary) before having kids. Then, like most kids mine are picky (no vegetables)! Oh, don't forget to consider that we are in America and we all know america pushes junk food!!!

So the nurse, after dropping the stink bomb on me yesterday, says I'll be mailing you dietary information for the high cholesterol. I said, just keep in mind this is the child that was just diagnosed with fructose intolerance. "sigh". Repeat's self. "OK". Click. She didn't know what to say and I am exasperated! Thank you Lord for showing us the way to a pure body to honor and serve you with.

Because I'm one of those folks that don't just half a** it! Drill Sargent Bischof reporting for duty! So out with yesterday's wallowing in self-pity! Time to pull up ur boot straps and get moving! When the doc told me in Feb my Cholesterol was up I said, "I'll be back in 6 months with it down".  I can use my body aches and pains as an excuse to not exercise myself but when it comes to the people I am responsible for like my children. There are NO excuses! Got it!

In conclusion for today, you might not be reading to many more mamsy pamsy posts from me anymore for a while because I am going to focus in on Our Health! Be on the lookout for posts on what I'm doing to improve or reverse our diagnosis's without chemical medications! This should be interesting! You know I've had the knowledge for years, I teach it but I have failed to live it! Now it's time to live it! So, you can expect to see us beginning things like:

My Extracurricular Activity with Kids

Maddie's Extracurricular Activity

Abi's Extracurricular Activity

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