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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thriftin' It Again

I've been waiting all week for Wednesday to get here just so I could head out to Strongsville Salvation Army. Wednesday is 50% off everything but the color of the day and domestics. Which annoys the heck outta me! I'm frugal (cheap skate)! I was in desperate need of fabric and had high hopes of finding some there.

Convo between me and the hubster:

Me: I'm going to x, y and z.
Hubster: Who you taking with you?
Me: Are you kidding?
Hubster: I just thought....(trails off)
Me: Just thought what?
Hubster: Well, you were just saying you were glad your program was pushed back a week so you could do some stuff with Maddie that's all.
Me: She hates the Salvation Army!
Me: (10 minutes later guilt riddin') Maddie wanna go with me?
Maddie: Heck NO! Just buy me something nice!
Abigail- standing by door with shoes on! WTHeck!

It always happens this way! I have full intentions to grab some me time and in the end it's me and Abi going shopping together. Which, I love the kid I do but how many blessed times is she going to ask why before she grows out of asking why?!! She has been doing it since she could talk! It never ends!

Convo between me and Abi:

Me: Let's try to hurry and try your clothes on.
Abi: Why?
Me: Because.
Abi: Because we need to hurry and get home. (never a question, always a statement of fact)
Me: No, just because.
Abi: Because people are waiting in line.
Me: yep.
Abi: Because someone might take our buggy.
Me: Because I said so could you please just do it (insert sigh)
Abi: Why?????????????

Ok, you get my point. Everything, every 5 minutes (seconds) is like this with her. She wears us thin with the why's. We do love you Abi and are so happy you are inquisitive really we do! But, could you save it for your teacher at school that's what she gets paid for. Abi, "It is?" (giant smile on Abi's face) Poor teacher is gonna have to teach this year..no slacking around this kid! I home schooled her last semester and I couldn't keep up with her!

Anyhoo, to get to my stash, my goods, my loot:

3 pairs of almost new Justice jeans for Maddie, Forever 21 jean vest and the best pair: Abercrombie Jeans that fit like a glove! Wahoo- Maddie 4 vs. Autism 0

Abi- too much to list I'll just post pics as she wears them each day to school.

Me: Fabric, fabric, fabric

The purple polka is a heavier weight. I already had the green checked. This is gonna be a lil' kids dress.

Linen. Light color will be a purse. The burnt orange...? I just loved the color and 99 cent price tag!

These are a wool blend and soft as h*ll! I love the purple and turquoise; plus the purple has flecks of the turquoise in it! Some part of a quilt is what they will be.

The blue is a dusty blue and dark chocolate in thin pinned corduroy. Definitely part of a winter quilt ; now I need to figure out what to put with it to make it pop!

In great need of quilting advice!! I can crochet, design and sew clothes, paint and draw, but a quilter I am not, yet! All the other funny stuff I wanted to write and post lives only inside my head and only comes out while I'm driving my car. So, I am the only one that get's to laugh at my humor. I probably look a bit crazy while driving my car laughing to myself!

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