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Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Week of Pain Management Clinic Over

Oomph! Off to a rockin" start! Wore my James Dean T the first day! Rode a stationary bike for 30 minutes while meeting the top of my target heart rate the second day. Swam and did aerobics in the pool for 45 minutes the third day. On Friday, my fourth day, was family day with the hubster. He learned, I learned and we learned together. I think it went very well!

A few interesting facts I learned is that folks with fibromyalgia have a lower pain thresholds than typical folks. I found out that suicidal thoughts and tendencies are genetic. I had no idea. I learned(like I didn't already know) that committing suicide is a big fuck you to everyone who loves you. I learned about the 4F's diet will help me if I can just be willing to give up red meat(mmm steak, juicy, bloody, yummy).

I decided to do a few online SMART meetings but I am also going to check into meetings called family groups or something for people with co-dependant families, like me. I have been listening to a meditation every night since the first night and I have to go 30 straight days or start over. I, also have to attach a word to it so in the future when I need to relax or calm down I can just think of that word and poof I'm there in that meditative state. We had to go out 3 hours today and have fun. We went to the Big Creek Reservation near us and walked with the kids and hung out by a creek. Well, Maddie hung out on the edge and in it collecting rocks. She made a playmate, which always surprises me. You know the golden rule, autism doesn't make friends! So ridiculous and wrong!

Tomorrow is church for 3 hours and I joined the choir! I need to practice right now actually. I have one prayer shawl done and 2 more in the works for the ministry and 1 in the making for my shop. I sold another costume because I forgot to put the shop on vacation while I was in the program. Oh well, it should go faster this time and I think it may be the same size as Abi again:-) Pictures on her! I will chew on the rest of last week before I reveal more of what I learned.

ta ta for now,


  1. Hi! I just found you on The Empress's blog and I was born and raised in Cleveland. I live in New Jersey now. Say hi to Cleveland for me. ;)

  2. I'm so glad you sing: singing brings much joy to my life. I'm not good at it, but took lessons last year for a semester so I didn't sound so unconfident.

    I took lessons so I could sign at church, and believe me, it has changed the experience of the service.

    It feels like rejoicing, gratitude. Happy when I saw this here.


  3. I hope your starts segues into a solid go. I hope the meditation works well for you. I get acupuncture and my acupuncturist has shown me how we truly can go back to a relaxed state just by helping our mind revisit things. Good luck!

  4. It figures I ignore my life outside the pain clinic and things start to happen unexpectedly! Comments come in on here, business for sewing..So, here I am Hello mod mom I am so happy you came to visit me! I will scream hello to Cleveland from my car window tomorrow morning on my way in;-)@The Empress-Alex so happy you stopped by! I would love to sing sign! What a wonderful way to contribute to your church! @Amanda Thanks for your encouraging words! I am good at meditating if I just make time for it! I love acupuncture, need to find one here! Thanks for stopping by! My readers have become more real to me..thank you for your comments!