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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Losing Sleep

Tip: Sleep while you can, once you have children you won't for a really insanely long time!

Sooo tired, I haven't slept a wink...lalalalala....Who wrote that song? Anyhoo, the point is I'm so tired because my kids don't sleep! What the! (As my kids say) My Abi is the only one that goes to bed without complaint and sleeps til morning. Maddie woke up from a bad dream at 5am after Isabelle woke and Eli followed upon hearing all the commotion. I'm going to have to start going to bed at 8pm with them if they keep this up and I guarantee they will. I have absolutely no hope when it comes to the sleep department!

I was thinking last night about my childhood again. Thinking that child abuse is one genetic trait that does not have to be passed from generation to generation but that often is. I wonder how many generations back it started in my family history and which side did it come from? I guess based on my history it comes from both parental sides.  I wonder how I would have turned out if those things had not happened to me? I know some that read this will be thinking whats the point? You are exactly the person your supposed to be! But, I need to strongly reemphasize, I deserved better!

I'm going to go to listen to Moody Radio again today, they had a series on Anger and Forgiveness. Hopefully my arm will quit hurting so I can do a little painting and I have to go to Maddie's therapist today to give an update of how she is doing. Which, btw, is a lot better it seems. So, putting her on an anti-anxiety/depressant medicine was the best choice for her right now in life. She has been so much more positive and optimistic and she has made 2 new friends at school! I love to see her so happy! And, after about 3 month's of Abigail's Fructose Intolerance diagnosis she is doing very well and has tried and likes most of 30 new foods! Wowzer!! And, yes she has been praised abundantly and every 10-20 points she receives a prize. In 2 more points she gets a special toothpaste to go with her cool electric toothbrush. These are choices btw, she could have chose a toy or Chuck E Cheese!

Ok, so tired I hit publish instead of save! Poop why do those to buttons have to be so close to each other?? Oh well, I just go do what I said and write bout it tomorrow! Bleek;-p


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