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Friday, July 20, 2012

Dealing with Your Anger Part 1

Tip: Do not confront while you are still angry!

Ever have someone tell you "you're being ridiculous" when your angry? Well, are they right or wrong? Are you being ridiculous or is your anger legitimate? Where does anger come from and what is it's purpose?

I listened to Moody Radio, Dr. Gary Chapman, and here is what he had to say about all of that (and I agree)!

Well, the source of anger is simple, if you believe in God. We were created by God from God. Since I believe, that's what I'm going with. In the Bible, it says God is a lot of things (loving, forgiving) but it does not say he IS anger. It is not part of his character. It says, God FEELS anger. When was he feeling angry or what kind of things angered him? Well, sins of course! We were made in God's image and then we sinned. When things are not right it makes him angry. Even non-believer's say things like, "That's not right" or "That person shouldn't do that". We are all made in his image, so our anger comes from God. It is an emotion that's serves a purpose.

What purpose does it serve? God says, I will not stay angry, I am a merciful God. I want to forgive you, if you repent. So the purpose of anger is to tell us that someone has done something we think is wrong. What did God do and why? He got angry, he punished for sin, unless you repented, to set things straight. The purpose is so that we will correct the situation through our action. Well, now doesn't that go back to my confrontation posts? If someone has sinned against you, you rebuke them and (hopefully) they repent (ask you for your forgiveness). But, what are we up against when we do this? Well, first we have to check to see if what we're feeling is a legitimate response or not.

How do we figure that out? We run the situation by 1 or 2 people/friends that are objective and will be honest with you. No, don't go to someone that you know is just going to agree with you. Objectivity is the key! Sometimes we are angry at someone but it is not because they actually sinned against us. It's because of our interpretation of the situation. Our personalities and our past influence this interpretation. What else our we up against? Good question!

Secondly, we are up against that person(s) opinion of you and the situation. Do you remember the saying, "Who died and made you in charge?" ("or God") They may question your authority or your view of the situation. If this happens, then what? I think the answer is in my Confrontation posts, so take a look at them if you are in this situation or comment on this post and we can discuss it! If they do repent (admit they wronged you) then your anger completely subsides and the purpose of the emotion anger has been served, which is how it should be.

Lastly a quote from the doctor himself, "Speak when you are still angry and you will give the best speech that you will ever regret!"

It has been a long day already and it's just now lunch time. We have had Abigail to her well-child visit and she has gained 2 lbs! Yay. Kept Maddie home from school today to deal with a "cleaning out" process of her digestive system. Yes, it is as pleasant as it sounds for both of us. Last night while screaming at me, she threw her chew toy and I had to duck to miss getting hit by it. If you've ever used an enema, you can  sympathize with the poor kiddo! Then she told me that the reason the toilet was clogged was because her poop was mad at me! LOL It's not funny but her way of communicating her feelings is. Love her<3



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