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Monday, July 30, 2012

I Believe

This is a great post! I read it last night and was so moved by it that this morning I decided to blog about it last minute. Click the link to read it first before you read the rest of my post. This blogger hit the nail right on the head! It's like she was writing a post about me for me.


This was my comment to her: "I can so relate to how you feel! I have just recently and slowly come out of the closet about believing in God, too! I heard in church one day about being embarrassed to say you believe is not a full commitment. One of the big things with God is that to serve him you need to testify to other's as a witness to his greatness! And, so I have begun and found that no one makes fun of me and no one treats me any differently! Praise him! Also, I am not 1 particular religion and that's ok too! I am a non-denominational believer!!"- Me

I remember how awkward I felt the first couple times I mentioned God on FB, this being my only connection/communication with anyone who knows me because of moving. I was so concerned about how my friends would judge me. Silly me! Friends don't and won't do that!! Now, I mention God often in my FB posts and while blogging. I've felt great growth inside of me over the past couple of months since I have "come out" about God.

I have found a new home church after 6 months of being here and when they asked for folks to join the Prayer Shawl Ministry I just grabbed up 2 bags of yarn without blinking! I've been looking to try out a new Martha Stewart knot knitting technique she used for a scarf. I, also, have not crocheted in a decade"ish"! I forgot how simple the simple method is! I will post my new invention of this method and how to tie it into the prayer shawl ministry pronto. I want to make a second one before I show anyone because the first was a bit messy.

Next, I am joining the church Reiki Team to work with people who are at the end of their life and need comfort or relief from pain. The one woman at church who lead me to this church said she will be working with me first to reopen all my Chakras, get them flowing again and get me out of pain. I can't wait!



  1. Wow I am so honored that you were inspired to write this post *blushes*. I am in awe of your mission to help people overcome and get some relief from their pain. If only others would be such wonderful caring individuals!

    You my dear, are just lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing it!


  2. Thank you Carrie for the kind words! This whole blog thing is so very new to me. Expressing my feelings, I often do but not publicly. When I read your post (first time I'd been to your blog), I was wowed by the courage it takes to put that out there. This year I have turned to the sun for the first time, like a flower does. I am ready to be fed and thrive! God is the only way, I've tried everything else and nothing worked!