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Monday, July 30, 2012

Blog Makeover

Well as you can see if you have been reading my blog, I finally did it! Did what? Figured out how to personalize my blog with my etsy shop image, change the background and color templates, etc. There are a few other things I want to do. It is so time consuming because I'm DIYer. I learn it by myself too! Sometimes this is not by choice but I just don't know who to ask for help. However, the biggest change was the blog name! I finally thought up one I can live with. a keeper. a lifer.

I have always said, "I'm dazed and confused"! So, it seemed the only and best choice was Dazed and Creative. It was quite a process to come up with. Honestly, I tell you I have spent a bit of time on this, off and on. I am not very good at things like this. I'm creative but not clever necessarily. I wanted a clever blog title. I kept reading other folks names and would think how on earth did they come up with something so awesome?! Second thing I'd ask myself, "Am I capable of doing the same?" Damn straight I am! I'm just a little slower than most that's all.

Speaking of, did I mention when I was training for EMS I was asked (the class was asked) how long is a person's response time? Everyone in the class got it right but me! I said, "20 seconds"! WTH! Can you imagine what I will not prevent with a time like that? Ex. car accident (try 6 of them), kids falling (lost count), heart attack (thankfully none yet but do not have one around me). Crazy right! The right answer for those that do not know is 2 seconds. Huge...I mean huge difference! And, you can stop laughing at me now;-P I would change it if I could. I guess I was born this way, which probably contributes to the dazed and confused state I am in most of the time.

 Here are a couple of other cool blog names:

Seriously, there are so dang many it's hard to control myself and stop pasting them for you to see! I believe I've proved my point. So, mine may not be quite as cool as some but I like it and I feel "cool" now;-)

K (Not as cool as a Z for Zorro but..Why don't I just put my name? Because I've always hated it in any form! A post for another day.)

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