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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wallet Friendly Fun

Tip: Take Photoshop and blogging classes at library! (This is really just for me)

Well, sometimes girls just want to have fun and what girl's do you know that do not like shopping? Even my Maddie likes to go shopping! It is so much more fun now that she has adjusted to her sensory tactile defensiveness! She will try on anything and likes girl clothes! We had a great time today until we both became over stimulated by the loud music and called it a day. However by then we had already bought glasses, got me a haircut and had lunch. We found the biggest best mall around the Cleveland area by fluke and were wowed by how many stores there were. Okay, so what's so wallet friendly about all this? Well, not the glasses or haircut! The "pretend" shopping! Which Maddie thought was weird, btw!

First we went to a makeup store and put tester makeup on. Then we looked at shoes and accessories. Finally onto clothes...I only got to try on 2 outfits before the meltdown. So here they are: (and, I still haven't figured out how to edit via iphone to Picassa for blog? Again, I say, I am not the brightest apple!)


Yikes, nice facial expression;-p

I actually like this pic and shirt, although hubster was unsure of bow tie.

But not with these shorts for multiple reasons! 
And now if I could get this next one in the post where I want it.... yep, nope..didn't work so look above to see the dress:-P Bleek!!

Critique time!  I was in a navy/cream polka dot mood, which happens never! Must be the blond hair and red lipstick!
*Hat looked better on Mads! 
* Dress was ok but boxy with jacket and needs a thin belt to add a pop of color and make my waist look smaller. 
*The shorts..well, I had a muscle spasm in my right external obliques from sucking in to get them zipped! haha 
*Those 2 pieces together make me look boxy because my waist (the space between my last floating rib to my hip bone) is an inch long=nonexistant! Oh and they allowed my butt to hang out and by that I mEAn out?! WTHeck!
*Lastly, back to the shirt..my arms are a bit um, my biceps are um, larger than they should be! I did not lose much from them between steroids and yoga-need I say more? Yes, steroids! My doctors are a bit on the sadistic side, I think. I was on a steroid a couple years ago to help my kidneys retain sodium. All it did was make my arms bigger and cause me to grow hair in places I didn't want it. Ewwww! 

Note to self: Do not shop at Forever 21 ever again! I mean let's face it none of us will be forever 21 even if we wear their clothes. Most of what they have is for super tiny, super tall and super small biceps!

At the end of the trip, maddie said, " That was kind of fun". Principle taught, you do not have to spend money every time you go shopping. You do not have to spend money to have fun and be happy. Time together=happy!


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