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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why Blog?

Well, why not! Folks blog for a multitude of reasons. I could list them all but then I would probably have to do a footnote or citation, blah! So, I will just ramble about my own personal reasons. My first most primal reason is to get what's in my head out. I do not have one specific interest I want to write about. I prefer to use blogging like a daily journal or diary, if you will. I have a plenitude of life experience from surviving child abuse to drug abuse and mommyhood to autism. It takes a lot of courage to share the life that I so willingly share.

My husband was telling me about a book he was reading the other day. He said that extroverts talk to talk through things and introverts think before they talk, so as to say exactly the "right" thing. He, also, said that when extroverts are at a social gathering they will talk to many people about everything just grazing the surface so as not to go to deep. Yet, I find that ironic because the things extroverts (meaning me) share is usually fairly intimate information about themselves. Lastly he said that introverts usually think to themselves, "why on earth would you share that intimate information about your life with anybody"! LOL I have to laugh there because this is an exact of my husband and I. Any idea how many times I'll say something to someone and he'll get this strange look on his face like I've said something wrong! Well, in conclusion of the book, the point is neither way is necessarily right or wrong it just is human character. No one needs to change here! The book was about how to learn to read what kind of type each person you meet is. Then, it goes on to tell you how to approach them for networking purposes.

Well, now that I have completely lost my focus. We have the best pediatrician ever! Sometimes a bit quirky and she let's her "pet peeves" be known but she calls at 10pm to talk for an hour about my children, their many ailments and treatments. (check out that giant sentence that I'm not going to fix, hehe). It's not all business either! She jokes around a bit too!

Actually, I'm going to break my proof reading rule and just post it. I can always edit tomorrow:-) Night Y'all!

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