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Monday, June 18, 2012

Vitamin D

Two posts in one day? Oh, my! Yup, that's right! I can barely hold my eyes open but it has been such the day that I'm forcing myself to stay up and on the computer for "ME" time. I'm gonna get that me time one way or another, even if it kills me! LOL

Anyway- I woke up to sick kids, screaming kids, kids peeing in their beds and then headed out to take the twins to an occupational therapy evaluation. Which resembled a 3 ring circus more so than anything else! We found out that both twins need orthotics and Eli needs a brace for his left leg. Can't just one of my kids not need something? Just one I ask?! "Well, pull 'ur boot straps up kid", as my dad always said! Not that I ever listened to anything he said, however he's got a point here. There are some thing's in life you have to do this for and then there are those things you just don't! Oh, and just for the sake of mentioning it so I can have a real pity party, we have had to defrost are self-defrosting fridge once a week every week for like 4 weeks now! Bleek :'-/

2 really great things that happened today:

 1) We got this really cool UV thingy attached to our filter in the basement (discount:-). It kills all the mold, mildew and bacteria before the air comes upstairs! Awesome!!

2) I got a letter in the mail from the doctor and apparently, my Vitamin D is low! So, I need another supplement and some sunshine with my trusty sunhat, of course!

Yay me! I might start feeling a little better and not have so much pain in the near future. I have to do a recheck in 6 weeks, so I guess that's approximately how long it'll take. I wonder if it will improve my spelling? I hate that I've been suddenly losing my ability to spell most words! Since it came on rather quick I think this might be the reason. Time to do some Vitamin D research! And now it's after midnight, yawn:-0

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