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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lions, Tigers and Doctors

Oh my! Who invented computers to answer telephones and why?! I am so exasperated! And, when I do talk to someone I am told wrong department, given a different number then transferred. Then, that dept picks up and says wrong number, given the number I just came from and transferred back to that number! OMGawd! LOL It took a few minutes on hold to realize I had wrote the same number down twice, oh me. I have made multiple calls this morning for multiple kids, including myself and I do not know if I accomplished anything. My arms are so fatigued now I can only rest them on the table and type (while shaking). I know everybody experiences this annoying phone system stuff at one time or another but it is an area of huge frustration for me. I have a lot of patience but never enough for THE Phone Systems.

Up next, Maddie started her extended school year at the autism school. Unfortunately for Abi I have to start her back up too because I wasn't able to finish her due to this fibro spell I am going through. I keep thinking it's over and then BAM! I wake up in the morning and can't hold my own body weight up (like I weigh so much). After home schooling, I have to get my hubby to carry my mannequin outside to take pics of the first apron to hit our shop! I remember making my first apron in health economics in high school-Oh my! It turned out looking like a pink flamingo standing on one leg?! Have I improved? Yes, with my mama's help. I designed my own wedding dress and with help from mama put it together. I'll have to find a pic and put it on here. I think I saw that box somewhere in the basement.

I went over to Ellen's pages to see if I could find a thought of the day or something to lift my spirit. The only thing I came up with is a question for "Ellen". Does she really post on her FB and Twitter pages or does someone get paid to do the typing for her?

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