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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Purpose driven...

After a high protein-low fructose lunch and a shower to regulate my internal temperature yesterday, I felt great! Then I turned around and did too much. That's my nature. I take advantage of feeling well and then pay dearly. I could do less. Either way, the way I feel in body and energy is so unpredictable. It's like a roller coaster all day everyday!

So, anyway, let me tell you what I did while feeling great! Well, to start I never got that apron pic'd and listed because I got lost in my studio in the garage. I found a smallish piece of old picket fence in the neighbors trash:-) Yes, I trash pick! I think everyone in Cleveland does. I went on my first "run" a couple of weeks ago before this fibro spell. It was a blast! My vision of old to new is improving. Thank goodness for pinterest:-p Anyway back to the fence, I cleaned it and got out my circular saw (read the manual really fast) and cut off the rotted section! Wahoo! Then, I found a scrap of wood to cut and nail on to the bottom. I cleaned up the wood and put my first coat of paint on. I should have taken pics or video'd a tutorial, bleek!

Then, I went thrift shopping with my mom a couple hours later. 

$25 for all! Small pile of wood, several large spools of vintage satin/velvet ribbon, several yards of beautiful plum velvet fabric, large decanter and a pewter vase! Yay!! Watch for these things to be used in projects in the near future!

I returned home and had to down a bunch of motrin and make an ice pack the size of my entire back! My spine felt like it was being ripped out of me or something awful. I slept until morning pretty much. Today's forecast-achy all over with a 100% chance of fever, beautiful!

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