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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm Alive

Well, I made it to the other side and have a whole new perspective on my fibro pain. It may be excruciatingly painful most days and the fatigue seems impossible to endure but at least I'm conscious. I have spent somewhere between 3-4 days passed out, sweating profusely and hallucinating off and on. I woke up today after sleeping maybe 3 hours restfully and showered. I had my breakfast and took my coveted antibiotic (seriously worse than being addicted to narcotics). Then headed out for food. Why out? Because when you haven't eaten in that many days you need the biggest dose of protein/carbs/fat/sugar you can get without worrying about "Is it healthy". Heck yeah it's healthy after starving for half a week! So, where did I go? Only the age old iconic fast food place that will provide all those things and more (sodium, and parts and pieces you do not want to know about). Yep you got it McD's!

After lunch, mom and I headed over to JoAnn Fabric's in Middleburg. I wanted scrap book paper to mod podge my outlet cover's with. Anyway, while I'm sitting on the floor like a kid (because I'm to old to squat) rummaging through fabric SALE paints, some lady asks my mom a question and that leads into the coolest beginning of a friendship ever (except for BF's of course;-)! She is close to my mom's age I'm guessing. She has a Reiki blanket with her! I thought I knew most everything about alternative medicine?! WTheck, how did I miss this?! Reiki blankets equals awesome! She is an awesome woman with a zest for life and we will be getting in touch with her soon! Oh and I wrapped myself in the blanket and she did some reiki stuff to me right there in the store and a little while later I felt great! I bought way to much scrap book paper unless I'm planning on covering the whole neighborhood! LOL

I have to mention my thoughts while standing in the scrap book isle. Well, one word actually. Martha! Good ole Martha! Boy was she busy or what while she was away? She came back from her time in with a BAM! That woman's name is on everything everywhere from housewares to scrap booking. Just wow!

So, I've been thinking of a good way to do this blog. What is being done so far? Lots of DIY, fashion, etc. many are topic constrained. I know I feel a strong need to share my life. I truely believe the cliche saying that if I say one thing that helps someone then I've served my purpose here. That's all I'm trying to do, is serve my purpose. God wants us to serve him by helping other's.   What can I do that I'm really REALLY good/great at? You got it! Talk! A Lot! If I had an Indian name it would have been little one who talks a lot. hehe. There may be folks out there that are annoyed with me that are rolling there eyes right this very instant but I'm okay with that. Not because I'm an egotistical maniac but because I know that when I share my life experience with other's I do help them. I have witnessed it. I am not ashamed about where I have come from or where I've been. God let's thing's happen to us so that we will make the decision to follow him. So that we will make the conscious choice to walk in his foot steps and be more like him. I don't know a lot about the Bible or religion but I'm trying to learn. I do know how to be honest and to make amends when needed. I do know how to admit my mistakes. I know how to love one another even in the face of controversy.

Well, that was a nasty long paragraph that I am not going to fix! Poop on grammar! I am a busy woman with kids and crafts and stuff;-) So, anyhoo, that's what I'm up to right now! I'm thinking eventually morphing this into a topic a week type blog comments welcomed (obviously) and then throwing my daily stuff in when I'm feeling well enough to do so. I'm going to keep thinking on this. In the mean time, gonna go get new pads on my flute this week and buy a music stand! It's time to climb on that horse again! Yeehaw!

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