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Monday, June 25, 2012

Productive Energy

Okay, so I have the green coat of paint on my picket fence piece done and waiting for it to dry. Then, birds of a feather will flock together! I have my second vintage owl sanded, cleaned and ready for primer and I figured out exactly what I plan to do with them! I wasn't going to combine the pair but now I am and it is a secret! It will take some wood, nails and a hammer to pull together my idea. It will be sturdy as ever and clever in the end;-) There are clues in those last 2 statements of what my friendly owls are going to turn into! Give a guess in the comment section if you'd like. And, the last clue I'm going to give is they are going to be white!

Yeah, don't worry I plan on sticking to my day job. I'm not trying to become a poet anytime soon! Well, back to the topic of Reiki. I should know more than I know about this. I did know more but I've let it slip away by not using it. What a waste! Well, I'm going to buff up and start doing self-reiki. In the mean time, I'm going to work on designing my reiki blanket for me and my poor legs. I know some people don't believe in reiki and the healing potential it has like the guy that writes quackwatch, Stephen Barrett MD, on the web. I've read a few of his articles and I do not think very highly of them, him or his site. He obviously is very biased in his articles in my opinion. I think people should be open-minded to the possibility. If you haven't tried it don't knock! "Attitude my friend"! Ya know? He has probably never and will never receive a session from someone. Yep, I did it! Nope I don't watch it! First, I hated it but I feel using the Bunhead saying is appropriate here. "Attitude my friend"!

For those of you that do not know, Reiki is as old as the hills (as they say in WV)! It originated in the Eastern part of the world as a way to balance people's energy aka chakras, chi, qi, etc. That guy has got a long road to hoe, if he plans on proving we are not made up of energy. Dude, it's science! Close your eyes right know and then wait to see if you can feel someone moving closer to you. Warmth...yep that's right body heat is E-N-E-R-G-Y! Doesn't take a genius here! I remember being told (about disliking white rice), "How can a billion people be wrong?" Yeah, I didn't get it either but the point is for the love of MIKE, How can a billion people be wrong? I did it on myself, it helped my insomnia. Try it with an open mind and see how you feel afterwards. Can you believe that people believe in the power of Reiki so much they give free sessions! I'd give that quackwatch dr free sessions to change his mind. What would he have to lose? The bigger question is what does he have to gain? 

That question leads me into my "obsession" with my daughter! Imagine having an obsession with your child. Your dang right I have an obsession with my daughter and everything about her! I am her mother, she my child! I need to know where she came from and so does she. If for no other purpose than medically. She has Hashimoto Disease. I do not. Wonder where it came from. Do you even know? I'm waiting and I'm thinking. What is the right next move? So, many people have so many opinions. I have to decide for her. I will do the right thing by her and her alone. She is my only concern in this. I tried to be private and reasonable. I tried to be kind and giving. Everyone deserves a second chance even you. I will not carry your sins. I have my own soul to contend to. More prayer is necessary here before I move forward.

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