" The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself."

Friday, June 15, 2012

Express Yourself

June 15, quote of Ellen's Day, "Express Yourself"! You go Ellen! That's what I'll do:-] Uh wait! Is it possible, Ellen, to express yourself to much? Um Ellen-I was just perusing your site and I found Lady Gaga under the Gentle Barn section? What's up with that? Is that like sending Lady Gaga to the dog house? Well, anyway if you click on this link you'll have a chance to win a copy of Lady Gaga's signed book. Good luck! Did I happen to mention, I love Ellen! Not in a "in love" kind-of-way but love her! She has uplifted my spirit and I have made a conscious decision to change this year all because of Ellen DeGeneres! Thanks Ellen for being you!<3

Go to my first post (Entry #1-that's the title) ever to see my, all because of Ellen, life changing plans!

Now moving on to me, I have been expressing myself to much apparently! I've been told by my ex's family that being honest is not important! That wanting to live up to my values (not lying, being honest no matter how painful, making amends no matter how painful)  is selfish! Huh, who knew! Okay sorry for finally realizing how stupid and selfish I was 10 years ago when I stole your rights from being grandparents (Not my idea but I followed through with your's son suggestion)!! No that wasn't selfish not at all! They want to know what I think I can gain from telling them and my daughter that each other exists?! Does anybody else agree that if I wanted something I would have drug his butt to court 10 years ago or any other year in between?

Let's move on to the daughter. My daughter, my life line, my first love ever! Need I say more? Wouldn't after reading that description you want to meet her? How about if I add in she has his freckles and quirkiness? Which makes her hilarious and her IQ 132 (superior/very Superior). How about her love for reading, music, history and above all nature and all that it holds! Anything yet? Still not in the least bit interested in meeting her? hmm, well I can wait. I have time to keep trying (and don't worry I will) because she is worth knowing; someday you'll come around and agree.

So, In conclusion of this post I want to leave you with one question to ponder about: If you were to find out you were going to die tomorrow, would you want to meet her then? Anybody?

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