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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Date Night

Verso Casual Italian Restaurant verso-restaurant.com locally owned Parma, Ohio

Delici! Delish!! Yummy Tummy!!! We haven't been out to eat by ourselves since winter. This is our neighborhood find! Yelp.com is how we found it back then and we loved it so much we decided to go there again. The review said something about Parma being a black hole. I don't know about that but this restaurant is a great find!

Up first was an artistic presentation of Garlic Knots- house made dough, garlic (obviously), butter, romano and marinara dipping sauce. This could have been our supper it was so delicious and fulfilling. I had a salad and my hubby had Wedding soup (forgot pics), also delicious! Next up was my hubby's choice entree', Tequila Shrimp- shrimp, caramelized onion, roasted red pepper, tequila, sweet cream and cavapatti.  My entree', Tortellini Alfredo- tortellini, spinach, mushroom, sun dried tomatoes and garlic cream alfredo. Man O' man of chevvets what a crazy delicious meal!

We were home with full bellies and lots of leftovers for snacking on today in under 2 hours. Our last semi quiet day before the big girls return from their fun filled trip! Nap time;-)

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