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Saturday, September 1, 2012

TGIF Survived 2nd Week of Pain Management

Friday-I have never ever used that until today! It has truly been a long and draining week. I have given it my all at everything I did and feel exhausted. Finally, I feel exhausted with reason to be! It has been an incredibly long time since I had reason to be. I mean I've over did it a few times this year and ended up in bed for weeks on end. This is different! I have done everything in moderation. Yesterday was pool aerobics and OT was gardening and practice driving (sitting on an exercise ball with my core tight). Today, I only(I just said only like it is a bad thing:-)got to do cardio on the bike because we had family therapy again.

This time my mom came to family day and it went better than I expected. I didn't cry anyway and I don't think she did. We aired a few things and I feel good about it. We had lunch together in the cafeteria which was not very good today but I have to admit the size of the turkey hot dog gave us all a good laugh!

I had such an emotional week but all in all it was a good week! I haven't been physical like this in so long! I only have 2 weeks left and need to start researching and making plans for once I'm done on how to maintain and continue to improve.

Saturday-Started our holiday weekend out with a bang! Mads-0, River Rock-1; Me-0, River Rock-2; Colorful words children we didn't know learned-3! We headed back over to the Big Creek Reservation in Parma. Hiked for a while. Played in creek for a while and you know the rest of the story based on our scores from above. But hey, at least I can say the forbidden P word because it's acute! Somehow this doesn't help:-( I am laying on ice, lots and lots of ice. Got some good pics though!
My favorite shot!

We found the "love" tree!

Me and my "little boobies"(as I was once told my  a close friend) :/

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