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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rise and Shine

It always amazes me how little ones can adapt and ingrain a new routine so quickly. The girl little after 3 weeks is certain we should continue getting up at 6am. I choose not. haha. I believe the joke is on me. I wonder how many months it will take to break this lovely habit? I choose 7am. So, here we are on a beautiful overcast Saturday morning with high hopes of getting a few extra zzz's and we hear, "I get up"!

What to do today? So many choices! Do I choose to be selfish and further my studies by taking an ALL day training or take Mads to a pool party that is an hour away? Probably going to go with the latter because I have to admit I am a bit over sitting in a group all day listening to people talk. So, I will postpone that until October and head to the library to pick up the book I need for book club this month and figure out where the aquarium is and their schedule. Little #2 is up!

I was feeling the need to secure all my accounts, I guess there is a first for everything. So, boundaries are up, check; accounts are secure, check. I feel empowered, check. Time to start this lovely Saturday!

ta ta for now,

Big Creek Reservation(before we fell 3 times, haha)
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