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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last Week of Pain Clinic

It appears that this will be my last and final week of the pain management clinic! Short and sweet just the way I like it! Things have definitely changed for me. There are parts that I could have gotten anywhere for cheaper but since it wasn't coming out of my pocket paying top dollar to get it all in the same place on a regimented schedule was fine with me. It was much better then driving all over kingdom come! It takes more than 3 weeks to set a new schedule or habit in stone but I'm off to a rockin' start. I think the thing I'll miss the most is the "clients" that are there. Now if I want to play pool volleyball I am gonna have to go find peeps to play with on my own(equals twice as much work or not being hand fed). Oh well, nobody said life was going to be easy, right?! 

So right now I have all these secret posts started but not finished. Pretty funny huh. Apparently unless I cut this short it will be another one that gets started and not finished! Ahhhh! Yep I'm feeling a little frustrated because there is no time to do the things I consider "my job" while in this program. Life has been postponed and things have piled up. I was just feeling like I had gotten things under control and therepies were scheduled blah blah blah and now we've lost our spots and I have to practically start over after I "graduate".

Well, at least now you know where I am and what's going on and if I had more to tell you about like the Fake kitty poop we discovered at the 5 Below retail chain or the sunglasses with the mustache Abigail modeled for a pic it will have to wait;-P

So, ta ta for now,

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