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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Death by Garage Sale

Come onnnn...ur killin' me here! Pu..lease join, sign up do something, do anything?! My arse self-esteem is at stake here:/

Yep, I'mma do it again:/ I must be crazy! I'm headed out in the a.m. to set up for another one of my break yer back Mega Garage Sales. I'm only going to run it for 2 days this time though so hopefully it won't actually break my back, my butt or give me a sun burn! I'll be armed with a comfy chair, a floppy sunhat and sensitive hypoallergenic uv protection. I'm going to state my quota now so I'm held accountable to you all folks;-) I am angling for $300! Sounds like a lot I know but I've never done less and watch I'm probably jinxin' myself! So, come on Parma, Ohioans get yer butts on over to my house on Albertly Avenue and by something or keep me company!

What's for sale you ask...all kinds of crap that's what! haha Baby girl and boy clothes, baby furniture and accessories, baby shoes, baby poop(well maybe not), Pampered Chef barely used kitchen gadgets(more like never used..I cook I swear;/), Southern Living at Home Decor never or barely used, Vintage Singer Electric Sewing Machine, Vintage Dinnerware set, Vintage Records(large ones)..I am a cheapskate, I can not be "jewed down"(not a politically correct term, kind of like saying sit Indian style). Can you tell what decade I grew up in from those terms? Anyhoo, my point is I ain't sellin' my shit for nothin' so don't bother! If I don't sell it at a garage sale, I will on Ebay or Etsy.

Speaking of Etsy...I have a few cute things for sale at my Etsy shop and will be listing more as the year rolls along. I have been busy making that Mermaid costume for a couple of little girls and it has turned out fantastically! I will post picks next week of the one I'm doing now. I can't wait to get back to painting! I've really been missing it. I have so many projects going I just have to pick one and finish it! I drive myself crazy! Can we say ADD? OCD? Maybe?!

Well, I best get me some zzz's it's gonna be busy for the next couple of days!

ta ta for now,


There's more where that came from...

Me and Maddie tried this same hat on!
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