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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blond's Have More Fun

This is the color of blond I want!
 Just like when I lived at the beach 8 years ago!

This is the color I keep getting:-(

Actually, I am completely finished and dried and it is a lot closer than I thought. Always dries lighter! Yep, I do it myself! Why? Frugal Living! In all honesty, it's because when I spend a dime on myself I feel horribly guilty. Not because my hubster makes me, it's me!

So, now today Maddie and I are going to go pretend shopping to see how I look in clothes now that I weigh 30ish lbs less. Then, we will pick out eyeglass frames for both of us for real because it's that time again. 

What does the title have to do with any of this? Well, the truth (for me) is I do have more fun with blond hair! It's like reinventing myself. I can where colors I couldn't wear before and it makes me look younger. The blond is closer to my real shade of dark blond (gray). I have had every other color under the sun...brown (all shades), black, purple, pink, green(oops), red (all shades but the one I want) and now, multiple shades of blond. 

So, in general, I actually am probably having more fun because I feel better from losing so much weight, eating better, etc Therefore, I feel happier and younger. "Happiness is a circular emotion..." Shakta Kur Khalsa. My child yoga mentor. 

Okay, during all this the children have been slowly slowly melting down with the hubster;-P Bleek! "Mommy, Mommy......."

X (I should use a Z like Zorro)

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